Alrighty, I guess I should be confessing that I was born in October the 31st of 1995, and that I play the 2nd best game in the world of Computers; Roblox. yes a lot of low-aged people play it, but that’s so stereo-typical! find the right games and you have a blast! I myself created a game on Roblox, it’s not the most famous, but it’s not the least either. I get up to 30 players a week, one person that comes every week I consider ”player of  the month”. I myself HATE zombies! but there is a big society out there saying zombies are the best, and people agree… so my game is… DA DADA DAAAAAAAAAA- Zombie Defense. I usually play building games, or racing games, or sometimes knockoff of COD-(1-5). if you’d like to play my game then you can find it here \/
Zombie Defense!


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