Comex And Jailbreaking

Since almost two-three months ago has looked like this.

But now it has changed yet again from that strange PDF exploit!!!

Everyone agonized over it and wined and complained till the cows came home.
Complain no longer!
There is now jailbreaking software on the website!!!!

20110816-022748.jpgyes my friends its back! Just click the “free” button on your safari browser on any iPod/iPad/iPhone and rule it! It will download your icon

20110816-022946.jpgand walla!! U have a jailbroken iPod/iPad/iPhone!!! Any updates! Booyah!!


any device caught (meaning If u send it in jailbroken or u connect to their wifi jailbroken) your warranty automatically voids. In other words you lose it. No worries! This is just apples way of saying “HAHA WERE STILL IN CHARGE” I guess. They lost control of their product in court and now it’s completely legal. But that doesn’t mean they like it…….. Lol? This is APB signing out!


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