Reasons Not To Jailbreak

ah, it’s been eating me to death that I had ten reasons to jailbreak, but what if people want to know about BAD things that come from jailbreaking? I have come up with ten reasons as to why many iUsers do NOT jailbreak.

1. most people are just uptight, and say “if I jailbreak my ipod isn’t apple anymore!” now, this is in fact a reason not to jailbreak,

but it’s not a very plausible one. for one thing, your device is still apple no matter what you do to it. you could take a dump

right on the screen, then spray it with a hose, and then put a sticker on it naming it “rick”, but that won’t cause it to cease being an apple product, the name Apple is the name of the distributor that has constructed the device at start, sold it, and you now own it. it’s still an apple product, but it’s YOUR apple product.

2. it MAY slow down your idevice..

I have noticed that with some older products, such as the Ipod 2nd generation, that it slows your ipod down dramatically and causes it to lag. now iphones, it lags the 3g. a friend jailbroke their 3rd gen iphone and the apps started crashing and things like that. now that jailbreakme is update, I don’t think it happens anymore, but hey, it could happen!

3. (of course) WARRANTY VOID!

if Apple catches you with a jailbroken device, then you lose your warranty for that device, so if your going to jailbreak at all, wait for it to expire, and don’t renew it.


so don’t, be rebelious!

5. half-way there….

almost everyone says jailbreaking sucks, I have no idea, but if it sucks anything, IT’S YOUR BATTERY!

some say the jailbreak sucks your battery down, I have yet to notice, but heck, what do I know?


if your still unsure whether to jailbreak or not, consult a parent, anything with the words “Jail” and “break” in it, is sure to cause a major heart attack and an immediate “NO”!


Really, if you have to ask why you shouldn’t jailbreak, then your just like everyone else. read this blog through, if your still not sure, put the Idevice in your good o’l dresser drawer and forget you ever thought about it.

8. IT’S A SIN!

EVERYONE knows jailbreaking your ipod is sacrilegious! no? just me? oh. never mind.

9. You will be addicted!

trust me. if you jailbreak one time, you won’t be able to stop! XD


not everyone knows this so I thought I’d throw it in. all you have to do to ‘undo’ the jailbreak it hit “restore” on itunes. you should ALWAYS make a backup on itunes before jailbreaking. therefore you can restore and get your stuff back! 🙂

that’s all folks! don’t pester me with nonsense! just ask some questions and add suggestions! comment and subscribe and like! also, check out our facebook page! <-


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