10 reasons to Jailbreak

FIRST: Things to be aware of while jailbreaking/jailbroken. note: any damage to your Ipod/Iphone/Ipad is under your control. if you have any problems feel free to ask, but I am not responsible for any mishaps with your possessions. WARNING: as was discussed in my previous post, if you send your jailbroken apple device to your local technician, the Apple Company will see it, and therefore void your warranty, I highly advise you to:

  1. restore your device to factory settings before sending it to be repaired,
  2. do NOT under ANY circumstances connect to the apple wi-fi or best buy wi-fi while jailbroken. they use the current device address to access the coding and decryption to determine whether or not it’s been tampered with. such as jailbreaking.
  3. ALWAY BE ALERT FOR AUTO CONNECTIONS WHILE JAILBROKEN! if apple does not lock their wifi at your current location, your device may connect automatically. therefore VOIDING your warranty.

you may be wondering why I am telling you this. because I care!I was once an unacknowledged “noob” or “newbie” concerning the jailbreaking services. I myself have chosen NOT to jailbreak until my warranty expires: oct 4th.. this way I have the best of both worlds. 1: I get jailbroken within two months, 2: I can return my device for a new one if I so wish for the next two months WITHOUT worry of suspicion!!! I would in fact advise this, but if you are stubbornly saying “I WANT TO JAILBREAK NOW!” then fine, here’s 10 reasons to jailbreak.

  1. it’s fun to be disobedient and rebellious! (come on, you can’t say you’ve never done it!) and the best is they can’t do anything about it except void your warranty!
  2. AND ITS LEGAL! apple went to court with comex, (it may have been a rain company but I’m pretty sure it was comex) and we won! (Comex)
  3. with comex it’s SUPER EASY. I can’t tell you whether you slide anymore, but all you have to do now is install an app straight from jailbreakme.com!
  4. WAY MORE APPS! some are illegal because they were originally sold on apple store but are now free in an app called cydia.
  5. And of course. CYDIA. the best app you could have. cydia is an app store, a user interface, and a customizing tool for your device.
  6. CUSTOMIZATIONS AND TWEAKS! like rolling your apps or making them fly everywhere.
  7. live computer control and Ipod control! from Ipod and vice versa! with some apps, you can add your computer to your controllable devices on your iDevice, install (I believe) an app on your pc/mac, and wallah! you can control your device via pc/mac, or control your pc/mac via your device!
  8. with some purchases, control over your TV or game system!!!! usually this requires some sort of attachment, but if you go to yourwirelessresolutions.com on your iDevice and look for their tutorial. they will show you how to use their app with an ethernet box and router. controlling lights, TV, game systems, household items like a dishwasher, a radio, coffee, anything that could connect via wi-fi IR or Bluetooth, and yes, a dishwasher could! 😉
  9. I’m running out of ideas. another thing is if you are a computer geek (don’t flatter yourself. I’m talking about people who know what a margin is. or CSS, or HTML, XHTML, XHTML5, and many others. ever heard of Lua? didn’t think so.) then this is perfect for you. there is a setting for game creators, app creators, the such.
  10. this is the last one! sorry!

    the last and most important thing about getting jailbroken is to show apple who’s boss!!!!!!!!!!!! these people sit at a computer day and night wondering why they aren’t married. and of course the answer is always “I should really talk to that girl I met in highschool!”, and of course their about thirty-five years old by now. back on topic. they get mad at us for wanting to have the most of OUR devices!!!!! they sell them on the market for up to seven hundred dollars!!!!! and that’s for an iPhone 4! with a warranty and the whole enchilada. then give us limits to it! so we pay to be supervised with our own devices… and they are still mad that we payed them, are still paying them for products, only we add something to them. APPLE! we all know that it was the masterpiece of the century. and we respect that! but… it’s ours now. if you sell a guitar to someone, do you limit how many stickers they can put on it? or let them have any at all for that matter? would you sell it for four hundred dollars to some little girl and then take it away when she tries to decorate it, with no refunds? their out four hundred bucks and you don’t give a care. such role-models aren’t you. this is APB signing out!!!!!


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