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MAG (Massive Action Game), designed by Zipper Interactive, has become a rather popular game among the PS3 community. While it has been given “average” or “good” ratings by popular review websites such as IGN or Gamespot, I’m here to say that it should get an “excellent” rating instead. Being an entirely online game where there’s no offline play at all, MAG offers gameplay that refuses to get repetitive (although it can get frustrating at times like any game). With battles involving up to 128 players on a side (256 players in total) and some battles taking a full 30 minutes, should you get the game? Is it as good as I’m making it out to be? Well, I’m gonna be honest… But only if you continue reading.


The short review of MAG

MAG is a game targeting fans of online war games (specifically FPS) and has the honor of saying that they can host up to 256 players on one HUGE map. But not only that, with updates that constantly improve on the game, MAG will only get better. MAG has numerous benefits and a few downfalls, so read on.

The good: Large scale battles and maps are utterly stunning and intense; a unique leadership system with different levels of leadership positions and abilities adds to realism and strategy; three distinct PMCs (Private Military Contractors) give you options for who you want to be; there’s a pretty large amount of weapons and gear; beautiful details and effects make the game look awesome; there are different directions to take your career (e.g. sniper, commando, field support); definitely has addicting game play; it’s not easy, but you can change the entire shape of a battle by yourself, which gives you an awesome feeling of purpose; action packed squad team-work can be found in occasional battles; you can customize your character in stats and appearances; an interesting parachute deployment method adds some awesomeness; with basically three broad types of maps (urban/jungle, urban/desert, urban/forest), you get a different feeling while playing each kind; 3 classic game modes and 3 entirely different game modes; and a familiar control layout can be considered good or bad…

The bad: The game play is a little hard to adjust to; you will most likely die more than you have in any other game; one of the PMCs tends to win more than the others for various reasons; many battles are stuck in a stalemate with one team stomping all over the other; there are rare (but existing) glitches; parachuting gets repetitive after thirty minutes, mostly because enemy snipers pick you off, but fortunately you can deploy from the ground if necessary; two of the game modes have to be purchased from the PSN store (but for now, being September/October of 2011, they are free)…

The Results: While the game has its share of downsides, and they can seem overwhelming at times, the enjoyment that is provided from the upsides is definitely there and alive. As mentioned under “The good”, there are three classic game modes and then three others that are special to MAG. All the game modes and their descriptions are listed in the guide. The fast paced, action packed battles where you can be the deciding factor certainly has its merits; but the not-too-uncommon, slow, repetitive, thirty plus death battle where you team can’t get anywhere for a long and grueling half-an-hour also makes its voice heard in the final result. But I can say that MAG is worth the money if you enjoy any two of the following: online games, FPS games, large battles, chaos, armies and their command structures, and long battles where you are on the front lines every step of the way. If you like any two of these things, it’ll be worth it to put your money into MAG.

The guide is yet to be posted. please be patient/


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