Clone Wars Season 1 Review

Star Wars the Clone Wars: the animated series season 1

            Cartoon Network’s new series Star Wars the Clone Wars kicked off on October 3rd, 2008. Because of the success of the movie, the series was immediately popular. In fact, it was the most watched show by kids between the ages of 7 & 12 for at least the first three episodes (this much I guarantee), and likely continued to stay that way through the end of the season. Season 1 ended with a bang on March 3, 2009.

I remember back in ’08, me and my friend running in circles to calm down the adrenaline that we had all the way up to the first episode. From then on I’ve loved the Clone Wars like never before. But before I begin to talk about anything else, you need to understand one thing about me. I am an avid Star Wars literature reader. I’ve read, at this point, hundreds of Star Wars books, most of which are based during the Clone Wars; and I have two other friends who read just as much as I. I believe the books and the movies and the games, and from there come my opinions. So I will disagree with certain facts and what not that are mentioned in the Clone Wars series, so expect to here my complaints.  But frankly, Season 1 has everything that I want.

“The best season so far,” is an accurate saying from one of my colleagues.  I would have to say he is definitely right. Season 1 surpasses Season 2 and so far Season 3 as well. To start off my explanation, I must tell you this. No matter what anyone says, Season 1 is the most action packed and exciting Season. At first everyone thought it was little kidish, including me, but when Season 2 arrived, we quickly realized that Season 1 was not that bad. Season 1 is the most accurate Season and has the cleanest, actionist, and funniest episodes ever created by the makers of the movie, and is probably the best they can make, so don’t expect any better.

The highlights of Season 1 are hard to decide, since nearly every episode can be watched over and over again. But I would have to say that Trespass falls into slot number three because of the action and excellent creativity of the Clone’s snow armor. The second best episode would be Liberty on Ryloth, since they actually got one awesome scene correct, when Mace Windu using his shatterpoint ability to crack open the glass cockpit of the AT-TE. This falls in line with the book Shatterpoint by Matthew Stover, which is perhaps the best book ever made that features Mace Windu as the main character. Either way, Liberty on Ryloth features the craziest action and Clones fighting Commando Droids, so yeah, see this if you get a chance. But by far, the best episode ever made would be Rookies. Ah… even the name sounds awesome. The whole episode is based on Clones, and more specifically Clones that were rushed out of training before completion. The episode shows you what it would be like in a Clone’s life, and teaches bravery, honor, teamwork, and most importantly, sacrifice. I cannot stress this enough. WATCH ROOKIES!!! You won’t regret it!

Perhaps the worst episodes of Season 1 were the episodes that were designed to be funny. Frankly, none of them made me laugh until I became so bored I got cabin fever and laughed at anything and everything that they said and did (I should note, however, that Season 1 is filled with comedy, and the funniest episodes are the ones they tried to make serious). One of the worst is Downfall of a Droid. Although it features some action, it does not change the fact that it is basically pointless after a certain astromech droid is captured. Of course, Gungan General isn’t the best either; but it features some awesome Clones and some interesting facts. I should tell you that both of these episodes are not exactly boring though. The only episode that I wished they didn’t show would be Bombad Jedi. Uggg… I have no idea where to start. First off, we get the idea that Padmé is extremely disliked by most people! You can stop having ONLY her getting captured and getting shot at and ONLY her escaping! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! SHE’S A STINKIN’ SENATOR! NOT A CLONE COMMANDO! Oh boy. And then you have Jar Jar. When I saw the commercial for this episode I wanted to jump off a cliff. Don’t get me wrong, Jar Jar is and awesome character. But frankly, the makers of the Clone Wars only put him in the boring episodes (translation, the episodes that are supposed to be funny), and by trying to make him be humorous, they made him boring. In fact, in Gungan General, there are a few scenes that they make him serious, and those are the funny scenes! So besides that one episode, Season 1 is crazy awesome.

The good things about Season 1 is about everything. There’s plenty of clean action (a reputation to be blown in Season 2), a bit of good comedy, some (and I emphasize some) moments where you’re on the edge of your seat praying that the hero makes it, a few cool vehicles and spaceships, all of it is family friendly, and the best part is that all of it teaches good moral values (another reputation to be blown in Season 2).

The bad is basically a few parts that are inaccurate to the books and second movie, but they’re, once again, just like the movie, too insignificant to mention. The first time Rookies was played on Cartoon Network they used a word that was kind of  unnecessary, but it was changed immediately by Cartoon Network, so there’s no worry there any more. Overall there is not one thing that is inappropriate that I have spotted that  should prevent anybody from allowing there kids to watch it. Again, as I mentioned about the movie, as long as you’re okay with animated living people dying, there’s no gore or anything, so yeah.

“Season 1 was… it had action. Season 2 differed a little bit and started to change the way it was made,” once more, a quote from my colleague that I agree with. Season 1 is clean and friendly, but read what I have to say on Season 2 and Season 3 before allowing you children to watch them. Season 1 was nice. Season 2 and 3 have a few things you should know first.

For you Clone Wars fans, check out my review on the movie and Season 2 as well. I also have a blog on how to solve a Rubik’s Cube, and a special one on Bigfoot! See ya!


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