this is my blog for drafts of my book. for now I will just explain what it’s about, for I do not have access to my book at the moment;

Plot: the name of this book is “And The World Falls”. of course, this isn’t quite literal. all it means is, the world will be destroyed by the end of the book/series.

quantity: I will be shooting for at least three books in this series.
first, ATWF, second, well of course you will have to find out for yourself when it comes out.

Character placement: the main Character is Fethsa. Fethsa is a young man (in Glaetranoth years, this would be around a hundred and ten.) who finds himself going on a journey to see a queen, he is treated with royalty. then a war starts and he is rushed out of the palace. and so is story begins.

The second important character would be the mighty Zaytruss.
Description… well first of all, her skin is barely visible, which is bare, and is vacuumed tightly to her bones. her bones are seen clearly through her hide, especially her rib cage. first and foremost, her head is that of a Lizard. with a triangular yellow shape along each side of her face, it reaches ear to nose.
her feet are of a mighty Gator. her tail is bony and does not have ANY skin on it. her organs and such are located in the neck, which is patched with scales.

Hroth, which translates to Glory in an actual language, is a shape-shifter. he can switch from eagle to “man” in a matter of seconds. in man form, he has a white face with a hooked beak, a tail is hidden by his white cloak, and he has a cleaver at his side. two daggers are hidden in each side of his hood, and he takes form of a great bald eagle.
also, I didn’t know this, but some time after creating the name Hroth, I discovered in the book “Beowulf” that there is a King named Hrothgar! which is where I found the name meant Glory.

Kaya, the one Fethsa has an unfailing love for as his one and only daughter. he adopts Kaya out of compassion and sympathy. he finds her as an abused slave, and is forced to kill the slave owner. the scene is quite dramatic.

soon Fethsa sets his journey to complete his family with first a girlfriend, and then transferring to wife.
one thing about Fethsa you should know is that he’s the most Joyous person you could possibly imagine. he is almost inhuman though, so I am doing some minor adjustments to his personality. it’s not really lifelike to be laughing as your friend dies, is it?


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