Have you ever just wanted to write? without a care in the world? have you ever  wanted to totally discombobulate people with your awesomeness? I have ever since I was a kid. I’m even writing a book, “And The World Falls”, or “ATWF” as my co-writer and I have been putting it… I have only released a quick draft on my website, but as some of you already know, my website expired a couple days ago, and now the domain name
is taken…. *sad face*. I will be submitting a draft on this blog, as well as my Blogspot. If you have a way of donating ANY money whatsoever, please contact me @     adrennalinpro@hotmail.com, with the subject as “donations”. a minimum of one US Dollar $1.00 is what I ask for. if enough of you donate, I can get the website back online for another year, and then I will be able to get the rest of the money for the next year. the payment is only 38 US Dollars/yr, so it shouldn’t be too hard. also, give me your feedback on my blog, tell us what you think in the “Poll”. Thanks!

Quick Tip. when sharing emails, it’s wise to make a new account, using it for nothing but people to get a hold of you. this way spammers do not block important messages!

come on in!

See this absurd Place I innovated on the pretty good game ROBLOX


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