Audible has stabbed us in the back

Audible has dug themselves a hole that I’m not sure anything but a completely new update will fix. It angers me that for five weeks now they have continued to ignore their customers.

This is not an exaggeration. They’ve been hiding, not saying anything about what everybody is so angry about.

If you look at the reviews on the iOS app Audible, they are all 1-2 stars. The recent update that changed the entire UI has ruined the app completely.
This app was useful. It let you listen to your books, had a nice and accessible button to add a bookmark, and another button to set a sleep timer. It also was not so stinking bright. The new UI is a bloated, pasty, and blinding layout that everybody hates. Audible didn’t realize that about 95% of their customers use the app while going to sleep. So for one, you wouldn’t want something so bright that even on the lowest brightness it wakes your brain up instantaneously. Second, everything useful has been moved to a menu of countless functions, making it impossible to do anything while you’re groggy and sleepy.
The white background with the bright orange text is terrible. What were they thinking? These colors completely clash and make no sense on a designer level. Also, they put the listening speed function on the front screen, as if everybody is just dying to hear what Gerard Doyle sounds like at 3x speed. Not that I haven’t laughed at that, but- never mind. The point is that a fifteen year old with no designer experience made this app.

Now, usually when an app receives bad ratings, you try to improve the app based on the user feedback, and them shoot an update. That appeared to have happened about two weeks ago. Audible sent out an update, and I assumed that it would be a darker app with better functionality. Well, audible did not fail to disappoint with a duplication of the previous update in an attempt to erase the previous ratings. App devs do this all the time, but I never expected it from audible.

I wrote a review on the ratings and then pasted my review into a notes app, just in case they pulled something
like this again.

They have still yet to improve this app, and something needs to be done. Be sure to leave them a horrible review on iTunes or the appstore.






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