Ariana Grande ‘got style?

Alright, being a Christian I feel that I need to disclose that I don’t approve at all of how she carries herself or how she dances and dresses.

That being out of the way, let’s talk some positives about one of the leading artists that have grown out of the TV studios like Disney and Nickelodeon, Ariana Grande.

I encourage you to hit play and then continue reading. 🙂

Her style is completely classic and has a very vinyl feel. When listening to one of her songs, it’s like stepping back in time. For instance, the song Tattooed Heart has a very 1950s feel. One of the lyrics actually sets the mood by stating it could be “1954.” You can just imagine Ariana Grande up on a stage in a dark bar or diner. The men in uniforms forget their worries of war and dismay, and are sang a lullaby that will let them have peace for the time-being.

This style is one of my favorites, which is why I enjoy some older hits from the 50-60s era. The signature “snapping” in the background with a brush on a snare. A nice clash every now and again, with a good amount of base throughout the whole thing. Sometimes there might be a heart-warming trumpet to sooth the soul.

Ariana Grande has that aura about her. I hate to admit it, though I’m not sure why that is, but I really enjoy her music. She’s a great artist, and has a unique style that a lot of modern artists stay away from because it feels too “old fashioned.” The album Yours Truly definitely has some good going for it.

Now back to a bit of bad about some of Ariana’s performances. A lot of her dancing reminds me of a mash between Lady GaGa, Katy Perry, and maybe Nicki Minaj. Don’t google that if you value your sanity. Just kidding, but seriously, her dancing’s pretty out there. I pretty much stick to lyric videos or Accoustic versions when listening to her music. Videos like Problem make it difficult to keep respect for Ariana Grande. Maybe 15 seconds in I clicked away. The closeup on the guy’s lips whispering got to me and I vowed never to go to that video again or even listen to that song, for that matter. I’ve heard it one time, and I now have no desire to listen to that song. It’s pretty weird, in my opinion. The director of that video was pretty clueless. The writer of the song was even more clueless, even if it was Ariana herself.

Well, Ariana, like all artists, as her goods and bads. I think that, from the little that I have seen of her, it’s pretty balanced, like a lot of artists out there. Some of her content isn’t that great, but other parts of her content actually isn’t that bad. I do encourage you to *listen* to *some* of her music, but definitely not all of it. Like a lot of secular artists, she doesn’t have perfect morals. Of course, nobody does, but when it comes to secular music it’s a bit different.

Enjoy listening to *some* of Ariana Grande’s music!


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