Moving On

So… I guess I should tell you guys a bit about myself. Right? I guess that’s what people do these days: reveal our darkest and deepest secrets. Maybe I’ll avoid those topics today, but I’ve definitely got some deep stuff.

Now, when I say deep, of course I’m referencing the different kind of deep than what we’re used to. A very inspiring preacher once said,

You know, people listen to my sermons, and then they come up to me afterward. They tell me, ‘Brian, that was real deep.’ Of course, what they really mean is confusing.

Sometimes life is a whirlwind. And we’re just tumbleweeds thrown around in the sky. Sometimes life catches up to us and we realize we don’t have as much time to “live” as we thought. I turned 18 last fall (October 31st to be exact), and I realized right then that things would be changing. For one, my summers were to start looking much different.

Every year, around July, I would go around the states with my youth group to different FUGE camps. If you’ve ever been to a FUGE camp, then you know that it’s one of the best life experiences you can get under your belt.
This year is when I start to feel nostalgia, and the regret of not doing some of the things that I’d wanted to, or the things I hadn’t wanted to.
But most of all, I miss being around some of the best friends I could ask for every year, hours at a time.

Just a small list of some things that have happened to me since turning 18:

* the most significant is that my very best friend moved to another city, hours away. It definitely sucks, but such is life.

*another notable thing: I bought a car.

*yet another, camp life came to a clattering halt.

All of these things suck. Turning 18 hasn’t been the greatest adventure so far. Why was buying a car not so great, you say? The clutch crippled about a month after purchasing the car.

So yeah, this year has been crap so far.

You’re waiting for a “but,” aren’t you? Oh alright, since you asked nicely. 🙂

The big But of the day is that even though all of this crap has happened, perhaps it’s not all pointless.
That first crappy thing, the one about my very best friend moving away and therefore cutting a lot of communication between us, is actually something that God is shoving in our faces. My friend (temporarily let’s name him Greg) has found that he is closer to his love of nature where he’s at. That’s just one reason, if not a selfish one, but a reason nonetheless. He has also found that he can help out in an old church immensely, and they sure need it.
3rd and probably most of all, his father, the reason they moved, has been church planting like crazy as head of Indiana’s something or other organization something blah blah. Great job title, eh? Anyway, these are a few examples as to why it was good for Greg and his family to move where they did. I may not like it, but God knows what he’s doing.

Now the car thing is a bit tricky. How in the world can a broken down car be any good? At all? I look at it like a puzzle to be solved. Or maybe a small math problem. There’s always an answer, no matter what. So if you work at it hard enough and use your resources, you’ll figure it out. Now that’s not how it’s beneficial. I say that any chance to learn a new craft or skill is beneficial, and since I’ll be doing a lot of home-work on this car… Well you get the point.

Why is it a good thing that camp is over? I’ve got a life to live. I just got an interview for my first *real* job (in my opinion) and I’m hoping it goes well. If I’ve gotta take a week or more to go to a summer camp, go to college, and take on a part time job…. Yeah. Not happening.

So yeah. Life stinks, life sucks, and life wreaks. Yup.. Double stinkage. But it’s usually worth it. I know this was a short one, but it was just on my mind.

Thanks for reading!


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