Harshness to the umph degree

Okay, so it’s just a game. I get that, and I’ve accepted that it really doesn’t matter. But there are children on this server, getting banned for no reason at random times, that don’t deserve what they get. Children, mind you, need rules, regulations. But there is such a thing as too harsh of a punishment. Banishment means that you cannot return, you’re shunned. You are not allowed to come back. I play a game called Minecraft, on a server called Mine Builders. This server has a moderator that does not care about the many children that he has wronged by banning them without reason. I really don’t care about myself, I can get over it. But three-ten year old children deserve a second chance when they’ve done something wrong, right? Not according to this moderator on this server. Yes, it’s just a game… but it matters to children, and it’s not fair to take something away from them that they really don’t deserve getting taken away.

I sound a lot more serious about this than I am, but I care because little boys and girls are losing the ability to do what they love and have fun with all because of an inconsiderate moderator.

If you want to read what I have to say on the matter and the context of what I’m talking about, then read about it on their website.


Again, I could care less about myself. I’m done with the server in result of this power-hungry 15 year old kid that bans everyone at any hint of maliciousness.

I’m more concerned about children that think that their big lego pillar makes them the next Monet. If you have any experience with kids, they love their legos and any hint of their creation being taken apart or destroyed is terrible to them. In their opinion, it’s the best thing ever made. And that’s how it should be. In my opinion, they are the next Monet. Every one of them. No matter what. Every child that is ever born is the next best artist. And that’s because children are precious, and what they think is precious. Any one of them is capable of creating anything they want. And so taking that tool away from them is a crime. If they’ve done something bad, they get a timeout. When a child leaves a mess on the floor, you don’t say no legos again ever, you give a much lighter punishment. No legos for a week? That’s a bit better, right? What would you have done if your parents took things away forever, instead of just until the end of the day? You hit your brother because he’s bothering you… the parent doesn’t punish you with taking things away forever. At least, not in my experience they don’t. No, they generally do temporary punishments. After all, the punishment is to teach a lesson, not to be cruel.


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