Agnosticism, for those who don’t know, is the word people use for those who are in neither belief nor disbelief of a deity, or in other words, a god/gods. An agnostic person claims that they are neutral. How does this make any sense? How can you neither believe, nor disbelieve? Aren’t you claiming your disbelief by not believing? You either do or you don’t, you can’t have it both ways. It’s quite simple! I can either say that I do believe in God, or that I don’t. I can’t stay in the middle, as the middle is non-existent. Disbelief means you don’t believe. Belief means that you don’t disbelieve. So how is Agnosticism an actual term? In my opinion it’s impossible to say that you are Agnostic. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say you’re a liar. You can’t look at an egg and decide not to choose whether it is an egg or not. Inside, you know your answer. You either say it’s an egg or you don’t. So here is my question to you… is it an egg?


For a much more insightful blog, check out this very informing post by none other than the Ignostic Athiest! He has some great things to say about this huge topic, and I could never hope to scratch the surface! Be sure to check the comments over there, as that’s where most of the conversation goes on! It’s really quite awesome. Click Here!!!


2 thoughts on “Agnosticism?

  1. Ignostic Atheist says:

    You’re right, as far as the ridiculousness of agnosticism goes.

    Agnosticism is a claim about knowledge, not about god belief. Popularly, it is the belief that you can’t or don’t know about a god’s existence. People shorten that into uncertainty about a god’s existence, and shorten it again into non-belief in a god. I’ve written a bit about it on my own blog. I recommend the comments, they’re better than the article itself.

    • Thanks for the insight! I linked you in the post, because I’m way too young and unqualified to make such claims myself. Thanks again! I totally agree with you after reading what you said!

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